Think Doodle Do

Today we officially say hello to the world. Think Doodle Do is finally open! It started as a thought …

My name is Marco, and I’m a father of two. I have been volunteering on my children’s soccer teams as head coach, for over 4 years. In the process I’ve been able to positively help kids improve their skills while also helping them feel good about themselves. The growth I’ve seen in these children throughout the years has been inspiring, and I’ve been wanting to be able to do the same for other kids.

My goal of spreading positive messages to children while giving them a skill that they could practice and flourish first came to me at the beginning of this year (2017). My dream of designing t-shirts and posters has been present with me so long, that it feels like it’s always been there. Somehow those two came up together in my mind and VOILA! Think Doodle Do was born.

The name Think Doodle Do came up from modifying the onomatopoeic cock-a-doodle-do (which usually signifies “wake up!” ) to add the word think. Think Doodle Do became three actions: To think, which is self explanatory; to doodle, which represents planning and practicing and finally to do, which simply stated means to take action. Anything worth doing requires these three things, but unfortunately a lot of times we get too involved in the first stage (thinking), some move to the second (planning, practicing), but few take action on following their dreams or goals. After about 6 months of planning and with a burning desire to take action, Think Doodle Do is today a reality.

It is not perfect. It is still not complete, but as with anything in life it will evolve, it will grow. Please be patient with me if some things are a bit rough around the edges, there may still be some duct-tape in some areas … but if you see a nail sticking out, please let me know immediately.


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