How to Draw a Cartoon UFO

In this week’s episode we’ll learn how to draw a cartoon UFO, “Think Doodle Do style”. We’ll also break down a quote by Les Brown … Grab pencil and paper and let’s go!

“Shoot for the moon,
because even if you miss,
you’ll land among the stars …” 

—Les Brown

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I love these positive quotes! They are so inspiring, and I try to break them down for kids to understand. Parents, I hope that you take a bit of time to sit with your child(ren) and listen to the quote, so you can help them understand better with your own examples/experience.

This week’s doodle was a lot of fun to do. It’s a UFO, “Think Doodle Do style” … which means it’s not a flying saucer! It even has a handsome alien-dude in the cockpit! I hope you like it. This doodle was a bit more challenging than last week’s. Please let me know what your results were. And parents, remind your kids that only with practice and effort do we get to accomplish our goals.

Note to Parents:

I hope you take a few moments to watch these videos with your kids. As a volunteer soccer coach for many years, I’ve seen how positive words can generate amazing results. The positive quotes I share are meant to spark a dialog between you and your kids. Take this opportunity to enhance the values I teach with your own personal experiences and point of view. Have fun with the doodles and encourage your kids to practice. Doodling increases creativity, moreover is a skill that they can build up and improve. I started doodling as a kid, and it propelled me into my career as a graphic and web designer, and now … Think Doodle Do. Who knows what our children’s future might bring, but learning a new positive skill is never a bad thing.

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Suggested Tools for Drawing: