Cartooning for Kids: How to Doodle a Floating Cat Cartoon

Welcome back! Another Friday, another doodle 🙂 This week’s quote comes to us courtesy of Benjamin Franklin:

“Energy and persistence
conquer all things”
—Benjamin Franklin

What a powerful quote! … And oh, so important! Watch the video for the breakdown of these great words from one of the wisest people in history.

For this week’s doodle, I chose to do the silliest cartoon yet on Think Doodle Do: Miu-Miu the cat floating around. Watch the video to learn how to break down the cat’s face and body, so you can easily draw it on your own. I don’t know why I chose to have Miu-Miu floating, but I think he looks funny that way. If you want share with me your ideas as to why would a cat be floating? Is he a levitating cat? Perhaps he ate helium-infused tuna fish? Share your ideas with me either on YouTube, Facebook.

This week’s video looks a bit different, as most of it was recorded in a hotel room in Seattle. Next week’s video should go back to normal 🙂

Suggested Tools for Drawing:

Note to Parents:

I hope you take a few moments to watch these videos with your kids. As a volunteer soccer coach for many years, I’ve seen how positive words can generate amazing results. The positive quotes I share are meant to spark a dialog between you and your kids. Take this opportunity to enhance the values I teach with your own personal experiences and point of view. Have fun with the doodles and encourage your kids to practice. Doodling increases creativity, moreover is a skill that they can build up and improve. I started doodling as a kid, and it propelled me into my career as a graphic and web designer, and now … Think Doodle Do. Who knows what our children’s future might bring, but learning a new positive skill is never a bad thing.

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