Cartooning Using Basic Shapes – Week 1

In this week’s episode I chose a quote by Pamela Vaull Starr that I hope you enjoy. You’ll also learn how to draw cartoons using construction lines and basic shapes.

“Reach high,
for stars lie hidden in your soul.
Dream deep,
for every dream precedes the goal.” 

—Pamela Vaull Starr

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That is an absolutely beautiful, poetic, strong quote. I broke it down on my video (watch the video, I don’t want to give any spoilers). Please let me know if you agree with my interpretation … If you have a different take on it, or would like to add something else, please drop me a line below or follow the YouTube link and leave me a comment there. Don’t forget to press like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video.

In this video, I teach a little bit about the use of construction lines when drawing cartoons. When we use construction lines (lines drawn lightly on the page), we are merely “shaping” what we’re drawing. We are continually revising using short, light strokes in a way that allows for little mistakes to occur; mistakes that are easy to erase. In addition, I discussed the use of basic shapes to compose our drawing. When we break down the overall drawing into basic shapes (like circles, squares, trapezoids, etc.), we can quickly figure out the proportions and work on them until we get them right. Once we have the overall shape proportional (and composed on the page), we can start adding the details. Using this method, we can ensure to get the right shape, proportions and position on the page of our doodle, before we spend too much time on drawing the details. I love drawing fun cartoons for kids!

In my opinion, when we are doodling we are learning, experimenting, planning and practicing

For some people, the word doodle or doodling has a negative connotation; as in “he’s not doing anything, just doodling around …”, for me the word “doodle” means “to practice drawing”. In my opinion, when we are doodling we are learning, experimenting, planning and practicing … all at the same time! So go ahead and doodle around! Practice, challenge yourselves and you’ll be drawing cartoons like pros in no time ?

Note to Parents:

I hope you take a few moments to watch these videos with your kids. As a volunteer soccer coach for many years, I’ve seen how positive words can generate amazing results. The positive quotes I share are meant to spark a dialog between you and your kids. Take this opportunity to enhance the values I teach with your own personal experiences and point of view. Have fun with the doodles and encourage your kids to practice. Doodling increases creativity, moreover is a skill that they can build up and improve. I started doodling as a kid, and it propelled me into my career as a graphic and web designer, and now … Think Doodle Do. Who knows what our children’s future might bring, but learning a new positive skill is never a bad thing.

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Suggested Tools for Drawing: