How to Draw a Surfing Alligator Cartoon

This week’s video shows how to draw a cartoon of a surfing alligator. There is an initial instruction on how to draw cartoon hands in this episode as well. Some people find them difficult, but they’re quite easy to draw. Most people have 2 that they can use as models 🙂

There’s also a quote by the amazing Albert Einstein:

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

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Cartooning for Kids: How to Draw a Cartoon Squid

This week’s positive quote comes to us from one of the most amazing minds in the history of the world: Albert Einstein.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
—Albert Einstein

I love this quote! This is a quote about life. It’s simple and elegant, and yet it has a deep, positive meaning. As usual, we’ve created a beautiful poster with this positive quote that we hope you like.

This week’s doodle is a squid (perhaps a giant squid). Watch the video above and learn how to draw this fun cartoon squid. I worked on 2 different color versions for the t-shirts, but in the end, we couldn’t make a decision on which to choose to showcase, so we chose to create both. You guys can take your pick.

Guys remember to keep on practicing and to try new things. This is the only way to improve, the only way to grow. Our goal should be to always push ourselves … or in the words of Albert Einstein, to keep moving.

Suggested Tools for Drawing:

Note to Parents:

I hope you take a few moments to watch these videos with your kids. As a volunteer soccer coach for many years, I’ve seen how positive words can generate amazing results. The positive quotes I share are meant to spark a dialog between you and your kids. Take this opportunity to enhance the values I teach with your own personal experiences and point of view. Have fun with the doodles and encourage your kids to practice. Doodling increases creativity, moreover is a skill that they can build up and improve. I started doodling as a kid, and it propelled me into my career as a graphic and web designer, and now … Think Doodle Do. Who knows what our children’s future might bring, but learning a new positive skill is never a bad thing.

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