About Think Doodle Do

Wacom Tablet for Marco's birthday
Everything starts with an idea … This birthday present started moving some gears in my brain which eventually became Think Doodle Do.

Think Doodle Do was born of a desire to communicate positive ideas to promote positive actions in children. After volunteering as a soccer coach for over 6 years, and being a father of two amazing children; I wanted to share with more kids, the importance of creating, practicing and taking action.

In my YouTube channel you’ll find videos that teach kids how to draw (or doodle) cartoons, while I discuss subjects about life’s challenges, following dreams, persistence and more … all at a level that children can understand.

Every week I take one of my “doodles” from the videos and design a new t-shirt, so kids can wear something similar  to what they learn to draw 🙂

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